Beauty means something different to each one of us. It is ever changing and evolving, ceaselessly redefining itself. But the one constant is that feeling you get when you know you look beautiful. That pride and exhilaration; that joy and pure confidence of self. Bringing out the best you. That is what Hairborn Salon strives to find each and every day. 

Since 1996, Hairborn Salon has been at the forefront of the hairdressing world. Constantly evolving to showcase the most eclectic catwalk artistry, but never forgetting to appreciate the most dimensional natural styles. Passionately making the ordinary extraordinary, Hairborn Salon's mission is to bring the elegant, urban underground to every day people. Our highly skilled and trained stylists work with each and every client to do just that. 

We believe hairdressing is a craft profession, and our stylists are artisans. We strive to utilize innate creativity to produce unique and personal touches for all of our clients. Also by prioritizing each of our stylists' personal goals we aim to help them realize their full potential. Beauty is not something that can be caged or mass produced. Beauty is not rigid or strict. It is boundless and truly free. Come and experience the freedom of self expression at our beautifully designed full service salon located in Lombard, IL just east of I355.